Kalymnos – General information


Known worldwide for its sponges (also known as the sponge island) and divers with the sale of sponges still be one of the key resources in the economy of the island until today.

Generally the island is rocky with little vegetation and recently has become one of the major destinations in the world for climbers.The rare quality of rocks in combination with the wonderful climate throughout the year and the short distances, are among the reasons that the climbers prefer and suggest Kalymnos as one of the top destinations for climbing worldwide. You can’t fight the addiction!!

Moreover as long as diving is concerned Kalymnos rich tradition in professional divingis the reason for having well organized diving centers .So if you choose to come to Kalymnos and if you love extreme sports you can easily combine climbing with diving and vice versa.

In case you do not have equipment with you we inform you that you can buy or rent everything you need straight from the island.
Now for the not-so-sports enthusiasts Kalymnos is generally an island of great beauty and scenery, so don’t forget to visit as many villages and areas of the island as you can.
It is necessary to visit even one of the countless beaches available all across the island. All beaches either crowded or totally isolated have amazing crystal clear waters ,volcanic rocks, pebble or sand and for sure you can enjoy nature at its most. 

Nothing compares to Kalymnian food , it’s delicious! Across Kalymnos you will find fresh fish and seafood in large quantities, greek appetizers (usually offered with ouzo drink) ,big variety of  Mediterranean cuisine cooked with pure olive oil and fresh products, and most importantly, everything is in very good prices.

We definitely recommend you to try:
Kalymnian honey,”Spinialo” , Galaktompoureko, Kalymnian bread, traditional cheeses(as “kopanisti”,mizithra), Octopus,” Mermizeli” salad ,grape Leaves (called “filla”), “mououri”(traditional made lamp) and of course all the shellfish and fish.

There are plenty of activities to do apart from diving and climbing(are already mentioned above). Visit the museums, the archaeological sites and the gorgeous caves that will amaze you
. Explore the picturesque streets, go hiking, do water sports, visit the nearby islands of Telendos and Pserimos. Do no forget to visit the churches (Kalymnos is full of religious tradition), monasteries (the well-known monastery of Ag.Savva) and the chapels.
For shoppers simply go to the main market of Kalymnos ,at Pothia , and admire the beautiful windows of small shops choosing gifts or items of your choice. Certainly you will find all you need and much more.


Countless beauty centers and beauty salons operate in Kalymnos. You just have to book an appointment and enjoy a big variety of treatments ( facial treatment ,haircut ,hairdo ,manicure etc).
For reasons of medical care, Kalymnos has a large hospital unit, fully equipped ,and many private clinics to provide you first aid in an emergency.

The island of Kalymnos is an island alive all year round and has many cafes, bars, pub, clubs, “bouzoukia”, restaurants and taverns with live orchestra and you can combine both food and pleasure.
Every summer you can enjoy organized events with traditional dances and music and also different kinds of festivals and concerts.
You will definitely enjoy everything and have fun.


All central banks are located in Pothia and are the following: Agrotiki, Emboriki, Alpha, Eurobank, Piraeus Bank and National Bank for all your transactions.
Also at Pothia you can visit the Centre for Civil Service and the Information Office .

By getting to Kalymnos you can rent cars, motorbikes or even a bus and also to call a taxi to make your transportation more easily.
Public transportation, which covers almost all roads and areas of the island will also serve you.

The hospitality and the purity of the residents will remain unforgettable.
We wish you a pleasant stay!